Grouse hunting on the Arctic tundra

Join the local hunting guide and his dogs for a few days of grouse hunting far out on the Arctic...

Price from: 24900Kr

Arctic Trail 2020

Experience 3 different countries; the Swedish and Finnish Arctic tundra and the magnificent Norwegian fjords – Arctic Trail 2020

Price from: 34000Kr

Winter hunting at the foot of the bare mountain

Using snowmobiles, we travel across roadless country far out on the tundra. A lone mountain cabin awaits us.

Price from: 11500Kr

One-day fishing guide

Book 5 days of mountain fishing. A fishing guide will accompany you for one day, guiding you and your friends...

Price from: 4900Kr

Big salmon on the tundra

For over 10 years, our guides have accumulated invaluable knowledge of how to trick salmon under changing conditions.

Price from: 19800Kr

Lappland Grand Slam

Grayling, brown trout, and Arctic char over 1.1 kilo. A Lappland Grand Slam!

Price from: 17500Kr

Helicopter Tour

By helicopter, we take you around Sweden's highest alpine mountain area by Kebnekaise.

Price from: 4950Kr

Rostujávri – a fly-fishing paradise

We fly you by helicopter 100 kilometres north of Kiruna to beautiful Rostujávri that offers magical mountain fishing in roadless...

Price from: 4800Kr