Ice Fishing

The best ice fishing for Arctic char in the province of Lappland can be experienced from early June up until Midsummer, when the weather is stable with daytime temperatures of several degrees above freezing. The mountain lakes are often crystal clear with light lakebeds.

“Kikmete” (bait watching) is a very popular form of char fishing. In some lakes, visibility can be as deep as 10 metres, and you’re looking down into an aquarium of char as they swim by in shoals.

Stay in a tent goahti (hut) with its own heating source. Cabins are available in some mountain areas.

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Arctic Heli uses Loop Fishing Tackle.

Our most recent booked packages

Arctic Trail 2020

Experience 3 different countries; the Swedish and Finnish Arctic tundra and the magnificent Norwegian fjords – Arctic Trail 2020

Price from: 34000 Kr

Winter hunting at the foot of the bare mountain

Using snowmobiles, we travel across roadless country far out on the tundra. A lone mountain cabin awaits us.

Price from: 11500 Kr

Grouse hunting on the Arctic tundra

Join the local hunting guide and his dogs for a few days of grouse hunting far out on the Arctic tundra. Every day after breakfast, we fly you and the guide by helicopter directly from Lodge Máttaráhkká out to the very best grouse hunting grounds available in the Kiruna Mountains. We end each hunting day with dinner and a sauna at the Lodge.

Price from: 24900 Kr

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Arctic Heli is a local enterprise that offers tailored mountain trips and local guides. We also carry out all kinds of helicopter transports in Kiruna and the Gällivare Mountains.

    We fly you by helicopter out to the most remote nature areas in Kiruna and the Gällivare Mountains. Fly-fishing in both streams and smaller mountain lakes in the woodlands or on the bare mountain is an unbeatable experience and the average weight õf the fish is very high.
    With a packraft, you drift along quietly in beautiful mountain surroundings. Watching the fish surface to feast on dragonflies, all you hear is the sounds of the stream. Out here, you write your own history.
    Grouse hunting on the tundra on a gorgeous autumn day with pointing dogs, or western capercaillie hunting in the coniferous forest with barking bird dogs.
    Using AS350 B, B2 and B3 helicopters, we carry out all kinds of helicopter transports in Kiruna and the Gällivare Mountains.

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